Airport City MOD Apk v8.31.24 (Unlimited Money, coins) 2022

Airport City MOD Apk is one of our favorite iOS games. In fact, we really like it so much that we have actually made an in-depth Airport City Walkthrough guide that you could check out to make sure you understand the basics. The game has a lot of interesting features such as the Airports which are crucial, there’s online connectivity where you can play with others and even take them on the head to head without ever worrying if they’ll do something against the rules since Apple sets up these controls so it doesn’t happen.

You are the emperor of the skies Airport City MOD Apk. From choosing the right aircraft for each flight, to keeping your passengers happy, there’s always something new to learn. As your empire expands, so will your responsibilities. It can get difficult to keep track of all of your responsibility at once but we’ve been told that a stitch in time saves nine – so keep on top of things and you’ll find that it gets easier with every day!

There are currently five more Airport Cities available if you get tired of this one (Paris is our favorite). So check ’em out: Barcelona, Sydney, London, Moscow, and Hamburg. As a bonus, feel free to download Airport City on Windows 8 (Windows RT) today!

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When it comes to airport-based simulation games, Airport City MOD Apk has a lot going for it. The most important thing that stands out about this game is the way it lets you manage every aspect of air travel from ordering supplies and products to processing customers, constructing massive airports, managing international flights, and employing staff that you can trust to take care of specific problems in every area.

Airport City MOD Apk GAMEPLAY

Airport City MOD Apk Since the dawn of man, humans have looked to the sky with wonder, both in fear and awe. Today, airplanes still fulfill that same purpose. This is because flight simulators like Infinite Flight (iOS / Android) or combat air games like Modern Warplanes (iOS / Android) really spark our deepest fantasies of conquering the skies. However, it’s important to understand why flying is so appealing to us in the first place – it’s because aircraft are actually machines that help us reach new heights!

Airport City MOD Apk may be an accurate choice for those who love the sky blue. Although there are no fierce battles, it makes players highly anticipate a new game mode. In addition to building a variant with giant airports and thousands of hot air balloons, you’ll also be taken around the world to meet new people and build your city as a business tycoon.

Airport City MOD Apk FEATURES

This game deals us with a lot of features. All these features are exciting. Some features of this survival game areas;

Build your dream airport

Airport City MOD Apk A lot of individuals are worried about how much all this takes and how expensive it is to build an airport in a small town. However, once you have the basic facilities up and running (one must start somewhere!) don’t get discouraged because you will be happy that you started in the end. Eventually, one can grow the airport city and upgrade buildings which then lead to more passengers and larger planes so that they can take off into the skies – your ultimate goal!

You need to start developing a steady and eco-friendly infrastructure for your business first. This means ensuring that your project’s runways are already in place as well as having the necessary support structures structure like terminals and control towers set up. Once everything is going smoothly with your airport, you can move onto developing the city around it.


Airport City MOD Apk the key purpose of Airport City and every other airline management simulation is to make a lot of money as an entrepreneur by buying and managing airplanes. But making money can be challenging when you own or work for a small airline; you have to know how to negotiate on fair terms with the various different airport authorities so that you can get into schedule for landing at each one of them with all your flight schedules in tow.

It’s important that you always keep an eye out for cheap new types of planes available because it will serve the purpose of making more profit in the long run. With this profit, you can use it to continue updating your fleet of aircraft to stay ahead (or even in front) of the trends – like new aircraft boasting wifi internet service or better gas mileage!


Airport City MOD Apk unlocking new aircraft for your transport business is only the beginning, as you will be able to explore new places and even venture out into space. In the sky, you can discover passengers who are willing to embark on a journey around the world. If you want to experience a world that no one has seen, then you should be an air courier service or get recruited into an airline and spot rare treasures, like gold bars that cannot be found on Earth. There is also a quest system that includes missions given by NPCs – sometimes they will reward you with items that have unique properties.

Once completed, players will get rewarded with special collections which are very sought-after by many people. Of course, the most important part of running a company is making money.


Airport City MOD Apk is high-resolution graphics of Airport City are quite realistic and lifelike, and the colorful images placed upon soft purple background help players immerse themselves in this addictive game along with its landscape scenarios. One could say that the improved image qualities allow Airport City to transcend the standard simulation games typically used as power-ups in other “City Building” games.


Airport City Mod Apk
Airport City Mod Apk
Airport City Mod Apk
NameAirport City
Offered ByGame Insight
Get it OnGoogleplay
UpdatedJun 9, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money


  • Unlimited Money


How do you earn money in Airport City?

Accept more than two guest planes, send your planes and helicopters on profitable trips, and upgrade your stuff whenever you get the chance. The better your buildings and equipment are, the more coins you’ll profit from using them

How do you sell helicopters in Airport city?

To sell a helicopter, go to the Warehouse (box icon in the bottom toolbar), then to the “Helicopters” section, and click on the “Sell” button under the helicopter.
How do you enter codes in Airport City?

It’s simple:

1. Press the Sociality button (the one with 2 people in the bottom menu).
2. Tap on the same button in the options list to open the Neighbors menu.
3. Choose the Add Friend tab.
4. Enter the friend code or promo code in the field and press the Search button to activate the code!

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Airport City Mod Apk is truly a game for all seasons–literally. As the levels advance, you begin by managing an airport in a temperate climate, but that’s only the beginning. The game takes you to various locations around the world, including snow-capped mountains and desert islands. It even takes you underwater at one point! But each location provides its own unique challenges and requires a different strategy to succeed.

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